Couples' P.A. (Physical Activity)

Healthy Couples' Activities

By:  Kelly Bonner

No, I’m not referring to couples’ P.D.A., as in public displays of affection, but P.A., as in physical activity. I am a sucker for chick flicks, and one of my favorites is Anna and the King. I often find myself singing along to an old tune they sang in the movie called “A Bicycle Built for Two.” It evokes pictures in my mind of a young girl and her beau riding down the street together. If this February 14th finds you lucky in love, then perhaps you, too, have dreamt of taking a bike ride with your significant other. But if one half of your duo has a disability, then there might not be a bike built for the two of you, and finding any activities that you two can do together probably poses numerous challenges. So this month I thought I would put together a list of some activities that couples can do together, regardless of ability.

A male and female couple are kissing on a tandem bicycle

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