Wheelchair Tennis

Introduction to Wheelchair Tennis

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United States Deaf Sports Federation and Special Olympics.


Wheelchair tennis was developed by American Brad Parks in 1976. Since then, it is one of the fastest growing sports for individuals with disabilities. Today, the United States Tennis Association. The ITF aims to provide, promote and develop opportunities for men, women and children with disabilities to participate in recreational and competitive wheelchair tennis at all levels from novice to the professional player.

Recent efforts have been made to integrate wheelchair tennis into mainstream tennis tournaments. At the 2005 Tennis Championships in Wimbledon, the first ever wheelchair tennis tournament on grass was staged, with eight of the world's leading Men's Doubles players taking part in a Men's Doubles tournament over the final weekend. In September 2005, the US Open at Flushing Meadows became the third Grand Slam to stage a wheelchair tennis tournament alongside the latter stage of its main event.

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