From Visit to Vision: A New Dream for Georgia Warm Springs

Introduction to A New Dream for Georgia Warm Springs

Sunny Roller, M.A.

The American vacation is often a frenzied adventure exploring an enticing new cityscape or pastoral panorama. Once there, breakaway travelers, including those with disabilities, see-see-see, do-do-do, run-run-run, (or roll-roll-roll), then rush back to home and work, grateful for the chance to slow down and recover from vacation! These getaways can be fun-filled and a great change of pace, but they are not necessarily the most restorative, nor are they always the best for one's overall health.

Here is an alternative respite to consider. How about taking a health vacation for a few weeks? Europeans do this all the time and in great numbers. They go to "the spa" for "the kur (cure)." This type of vacation is a pleasantly paced two-to three-week retreat from the worries of home and work. It is an opportunity to stay at a beautiful, barrier-free and accessible resort... a time to concentrate fully on a personal mind-body-spirit renewal that lingers for months after and has the potential to ward off new health problems that might be looming.

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