August 2013

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NCHPAD NEWS:  August 2013
Volume 12, Issue 8


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Letter from the Director: Exercise and Secondary Health Conditions in People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are at an increased risk of experiencing a tremendous number of secondary conditions as opposed to those without disabilities.  In this month's Director's Corner, Dr. James Rimmer highlights the detrimental effects these secondary conditions can have, how standing activities and exercise can help mitigate and even prevent the conditions, and the need for increased research and study to create best evidence-based exercise prescriptions for people with disabilities.

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Senior Corner:  What Are All The Numbers About?

For newcomers to exercise, all of the guidelines exist to attain a healthy amount of physical activity.  This month, Carol Kutik provides an excellent breakdown on what exactly all of the numbers mean, and how to use them to create an exercise program that will help you achieve the recommended amount of physical activity you need in a given week.

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Nutrition Spotlight:  Improve Your Eye Health One Meal At A Time

Have you ever heard the old wives' tale about carrots being the best food for your eyes? Ever wonder how true it is? This month, Carleton Rivers provides a comprehensive breakdown of the best foods to consume to maintain and improve your eye health, as well as a delicious recipes which combine many of them. Enjoy!

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Training Corner: Fifteen Minutes to Beating the Freshman Fifteen

We know it's not just kids heading back to school this time of year. For all of those college-bound freshman, and anyone entering into a new phase of life that may take away from time in the gym, our Training Corner outlines an excellent workout that can be done from the comfort of a dorm room in only FIFTEEN MINUTES!

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Kids Korner: Back To School With TEAM AWESOME

Hey kids, NCHPAD has a challenge for YOU! Do you think you're ready…to join Team Awesome? As you get ready to head back to school, we've outlined six steps, along with a workout routine, to help you get back into school mode in the healthiest way possible so those first days of class are a piece of cake.  If you think you can handle it, tackle all six steps, and welcome to TEAM AWESOME!

Another update from Heath and Seth!  Check out what camps they have been to lately HERE.

Kids Nutrition Korner: Five Surprisingly Easy Breakfast And Lunch Ideas

With school just around the corner, you may be pressed for time to get breakfast and lunch ready every day.  Instead of simply relying on the school cafeteria for all of your needs, our Kids Nutrition Korner outlines five separate combinations of healthy breakfasts and lunches to keep you full and healthy as the school year gets rolling.

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Kids Korner, For the Parents:  Are Your Kids Ready To Go Back To School?

Parents, we know getting your kids back into school mode is no easy task. So, along with the Team Awesome program we've laid out for your kids, we've also provided a guide for you to help get them out of summer relaxation mode and right back into school form. Follow the steps and help them earn their way onto Team Awesome, and this just might be the best start to a school year yet.

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From the Information Specialists' Desks:  Updates & Upcoming Events

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